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Car & Truck Battery Hold Down 75/25

Battery hold down, clamp

Optima Battery Holders: These beautiful battery clamps/hold downs come with a black anodized base, uprights and a polished top or fully anodized. They are machined so that your optima battery will sit down and be locked in place securely. All battery hold downs come with hardware to mount to vehicle. These hold downs accept group 75/25 Optima batteries.

Optima Battery Mount With Polished Top: Part # OP75/25PTP ~ $110.00
Optima Battery Mount Fully Anodized: Part # OP75/25PTA ~ $100.00
Optima Battery Mount With Polished Ribbed Top: Part # OP75/25RTP ~ $110.00
Optima Battery Mount Ribbed Top Fully Anodized: Part # OP75/25RTA ~ $100.00

** Gauges Not Included **

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