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About CCM Rod Shop

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CCM Rod Shop strives to offer custom machined and designed parts that appeal not only to nostalgic street and hot rod product design, but also to contemporary vehicles as well.

All of our parts and items are custom machined out of solid aluminum resulting in beautifully crafted car and truck aluminum products and accessories.

Some of the products produced by CCM are: 5 and 6 Hole Elliptical Gauge Panels, Auburn Style Gauge Panels, Quad Gauge Panels, Column Drops and Optima Battery Mounts. New products are always in planning stages.

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CCM Rod Shop is proud to create Made-In-America superior quality machined accessories for you to use on your street rod or Custom.


Using our full CNC and CAD capabilitiese we are able to design, prototype and manufacture parts and products for street rod shops and street rod builders. If you have a street rod product idea to market contact us.

** Gauges Not Included **

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