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Magazine Street Rodder:
Part Number: 5HGPFR/BB
Issue: Oct. 2010

CCM Rod Shop offers its Classic Series line, which includes the five-hole fully ribbed gauge panel. Machined from a solid piece of ¾-inch 6061 aluminum, it has a fully ribbed bead blasted center with a polished outer lip for a nostalgic appearance. It’s also machined so that your gauges will be recessed into the panel and comes machined standard for Classic Instruments gauges. However, the panel can be special ordered to accept other manufacturers’ gauges. The overall size is 5X16-1/2 inches long. Gauges are sold separately.

Magazine Street Rodder:
Part Number: 6VHD
Issue: Apr. 2010

CCM Rod Shop introduces their 6-Volt battery hold down. It has been engineered to fit underneath seats or any other tight space. It fits Optima 6-volt batteries, is machined from aluminum and black anodized for a long-lasting finish, and is made entirely in the United States. The kit includes two uprights, on top hold down, one base plate, and all the hardware needed to assemble the mount. Two hold downs are required for a 12-volt operating system. (Battery not included)

Magazine Street Rodder:
Part Number: 3334GPFR
Issue: Mar. 2010

CCM Rod Shop’s five-hole 1933-34 dash panel is engineered and designed to have the stock lines of the original Ford instrument panels. It is part of CCM’s newest Classic Series product line. Their gauge panel is highly polished to a show quality mirror finish. It is machined from a ¾X6 inch solid piece of 6061 aluminum, and is fully ribbed for the nostalgic and contemporary look. It is machined so that you gauges will be recessed into the panel; set up for Classic Instruments gauges and comes with all mounting hardware and a template. They can also be special ordered for most other manufacturers’ gauges. (Gauges not included)

Magazine Street Rodder:
Part Number: 5V8CD
Issue: Oct. 2008

CCM Rod Shop’s machined column drop is styled after the classic V-8 logos of the 1930s and 1940s. Machined from a solid piece of aluminum, the front cap comes off to install your column and is available for 2 inch and 1-3/4 inch- diameter columns.

Magazine Street Rodder:
Part Number: 6HGPFR
Issue: July 2007

CCM Rod Shop introduces an elliptical six-hole gauge panel with a radius milled around the other edge for both a smooth nostalgic or contemporary look. This gauge panel is part of the company’s Classic Series product line. Highly polished to a show-quality mirror finish, the gauge panel is machined from a solid piece of 6061 aluminum. This gauge panel is available with a ribbed center or a fully ribbed center for the nostalgic look, and has been machined so your gauges will be recessed into the panel. Available for Auto Meter, Stewart or Classic Instruments gauges. Left, right, and high-beam indicator lights are an optional feature of the panel.

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