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Rod & Custom:
Part Number: 5HGPFR/BB
Issue: Nov. 2010

CCM Rod Shop’s latest product in its Classic Series line of parts is this five-hole ribbed gauge panel. Machined from a solid piece of ¾-inch 6061 aluminum, it has a fully ribbed bead-blasted center with a polished outer lip for a nostalgic look. It is machined so the gauges are recessed into the panel and is built to accept Classic Instruments gauges. However, it can be special ordered to accept other manufacturers’ gauges. The panel measures 5 inches high by 16 ½ inches long and is supplied bare, customers supplying their own gauges.

Rod & Custom:
Part Number: 3334GPFR
Issue: Apr. 2009

This five-hole 1933-34 dash panel is part of CCM Rod Shop’s new Classic Series product line and is machined from a solid piece of 3/4X6-inch 6061 aluminum, ribbed to suit both nostalgic and contemporary build styles. That’ll be billet without looking like billet then! The panel is intended to be used with Classic Instruments gauge and is supplied with mounting hardware and a template. It can be special ordered form most other manufacturers’ gauges. The gauges are recessed into the panel, which is highly polished and has the stock lines of the original Ford instrument panel. (Gauges not included)

Rod & Custom:
Part Number: V8SEM
Issue: Dec. 2008

CCM Rod Shop originally designed the V-8 emblem to be mounted in upholstery, such as a seat back, but is easily adaptable for use on a glove box, a column droop, valve covers, or anywhere else your imagination can come up with. Not plastic or cast, the emblems are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and then chrome-plated. Sold in pairs, they come with mounting hardware, backing plates for upholstery mounting, and a template for hole locations if your are to be mounted in places other than upholstery.

Rod & Custom:
Part Number: 6HGPFR/INDL
Issue: June 2008

CCM Rod Shop, Tucson, Arizona, describes its products as “necessities” for nostalgic or contemporary street rods, and what’s more necessary than monitoring your motor’s vital functions? In the best tradition of doing it well if it’s worth doing at all, check out CCM Rod Shop’s six-gauge Classic Series panel. Machined from 6061 aluminum, high polished and ribbed fro a nostalgic appearance; it is machined to recess the gauges, and will accept Auto Meter, Stewart Werner, Classic Instruments, or Dolphin gauges.

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** Gauges Not Included **

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